Round 1: Generate ideas and enter contributions

To download, double-click the file:

In your role as a participant, you are now asked to click on the 'Discussion' Tab above and begin entering your responses to the triggering question, which for this particular virtual Co-Laboratory reads:

"WHAT are action options which, if adopted and implemented, will overcome barriers and help us align initiatives to sustain the ideal model for learning mathematics by ALL students?"

Please note that you will be using this page for Round 2 as well. A member of the KMT/FT will let you know when Round 2 begins. Go to the Round 2-Clarification page for specific directions for Round 2.

In responding to the triggering question please follow the guidleines:

1. Focus on the possibilities (activities, events, initiatives, etc.) that, if adopted, would contribute to addressing the “system of barriers”.

2. Include only ONE option in a single statement. (Break complicated options into additional statements.)

3. Seek to capture in the title of your contribution only the ESSENCE of the option. (Save details and elaboration during the discussion for clarification.)


The words below are offered to help you form your proposed options: